Everyone likes being warmed by a fire, but not too warm... We strive to make the safest products we can which is why we try to limit the use of fire-retardant chemicals as much as we can while still ensuring our products pass the necessary tests. 

That's all well and great, but how do we know our products are fire resistant? 

Our items have undergone rigorous testing to pass the government-issued CPAI-84 fire test to double check the resistant quality of the materials.  This test essentially determines how flammable the materials used to make tents are by testing the char length, after flame, and mass loss exhibited by a tent when it is burned.  In order for the materials to be fire resistant, we do need to add fire retardants when making the fabric. So, while there are no additional chemicals added after a fabric is finished, the fabric is made originally with fire retardants to meet or exceed the CPAI-84 standard.